Sewer Line Cleaning Services


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Hours Of Operation
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Sewer Line Cleaning Services

Sewer Line Cleaning Services

Prevent Clogs & Sewage Backup

You may not know you needed a sewer line cleaning until it is too late – don’t wait! It is important to keep your lines clear in order to prevent clogs and sewage backup. Foul odors that do not go away could be one of the first signs you may have a sewer line clog. There could be several reasons why your lines are clogged. An overgrown tree root could be blocking the flow by breaking through the pipe lining and growing inside. Or there could be a clog that simply won’t budge. Either way, when your sewer line slows down, you will most likely smell it.

Are your pipes are gurgling? Is more than one drain slow? There are many separate drains to a sewer line, if the main pathway is blocked, all the connected pipes will slow down too. Overflow is another indication of a bad clog. You might notice this when you flush your toilet and your sink gurgles or you turn on your bathroom faucet and your toilet water rises. These are problems that require a sewer line check immediately!

Emergency 24/7 Services Available!

We offer Emergency Services 24/7 and provide a 10 year warranty – the longest in the industry! We have More solutions than anyone to the problem. We don’t sub contract out other services. We do EVERYTHING in house.

Call All Star Service and Repair to schedule a sewer line cleaning and reduce the risk of backups and eliminate clogs! We will also make recommendations for repairs or service that will keep your plumbing running smoothly!

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No matter what your concerns may be, you can rest assured knowing we offer Salt Lake City plumbing services that you can depend on. If you would like to determine how much our services may cost, please contact us today to request a free estimate! We’ll even go over our pricing structure and labor costs with you so that you can feel confident and comfortable with your quote.