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Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer Line Cleaning

Prevent Clogs & Sewage Backup

Keeping your sewer line clean is a mandatory part of proper home maintenance. Just because the lines are underground and not something you see every day does not mean you can ignore them. If sewer lines are neglected, it can lead to them cracking and even completely breaking over time, which will result in costly and time-consuming repairs that usually involve tearing up your yard to access the ruined piping to replace it. Being proactive can ensure you don’t suffer that fate.

Signs that your sewer lines could use a cleaning

While there are severe signs your sewer line is in trouble, such as water pooling in your yard, this is most likely indicating an actual sewer line break which needs immediate repair and is past the point of a simple cleaning. There are some smaller signs you can see around your house that should indicate a cleaning is needed, and these signs should be heeded to avoid the more serious problems that could arise.

  • Sewage backup
    • Is your toilet or sink gurgling when you drain it? Do you turn on your bathroom sink and see your toilet start filling? These are telltale signs that there is some kind of blockage that could use cleaning.
  • Odor
    • This is probably the most obvious sign of an issue. If you are smelling sewage in or around your home, there is definitely something amiss. If you catch this early enough, you should be able to clean the pipes and resolve the problem.
  • Slow drains
    • If all your drains are still working but they are sluggish, don’t just shrug it off as nothing. This could mean that your lines need to be cleaned.
Trust All Star Service & Repair to clean your sewer lines

Our team is very knowledgeable and can quickly find the source of your problems when they are called to clean your sewer pipes. We have found tree roots blocking lines, clogs from hair and other debris, and so much more. This makes it very easy for us to diagnose your particular problem and find the optimal solution. Don’t hire someone who is going to guess and then charge you an arm and a leg to replace things that could simply be cleaned or repaired. We will be up front with you and do everything we can do clear your pipes of problems before we jump to more expensive and unnecessary solutions. Trust our team to handle your sewer line job and you won’t be disappointed.

Contact All Star Service and Repair to schedule a sewer line cleaning and reduce the risk of backups and eliminate clogs! We will also make recommendations for repairs or service that will keep your plumbing running smoothly!

Sewer Line Cleaning Services at All Star Service and Repair

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We offer Emergency Services 24/7 and provide a 10 year warranty (call for warranty details) – the longest in the industry! We have More solutions than anyone to the problem. We don’t sub contract out other services. We do EVERYTHING in house.

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